Helpful Tips For Smokers Wanting To Quit

To quit smoking may be a challenge, but it is certainly better than going through painful chemotherapy or saying farewell to all your loved ones! So take the incentive and make up your mind to stop smoking. You can be successful by surrounding yourself with as much support and information as possible. Here are some helpful suggestions:

Set a Date to Quit

You must be fully committed to the day you choose to quit. You don’t want to fall into a pattern of quitting and failing, quitting and failing. Therefore it’s important to choose a definite date and then give it everything you have!

Understand What To Expect

When you are unprepared to quit smoking, the things you face may send you back to your old habit. After all, withdrawal can be brutal!

So prepare for what you will face by reading stories of others who quit. Understand what you are facing — especially the physical withdrawal symptoms. Imagine yourself going through the agony of wanting a cigarette, but then changing the situation through a planned diversion.

Going through these motions mentally will better equip you to handle them in real life without giving into the temptation to light up.

Keep A Positive Mindset

Constantly remind yourself that your body will benefit when you quit smoking. Understand that some benefits will be immediate and others will be realized over time.

Celebrate your successes. For instance, purchase a scented candle to celebrate the return of your sense of smell. Go out for a really fine dinner as your sense of taste returns. Maximize these positive steps and celebrate them.

Develop Healthy Alternative Habits

You’ll need something to do with your hands and a good way to release stress. Why not try a physical activity, like running in place or push-ups? Learn how to relax by taking a class on relaxation or meditation.

Prepare yourself for all of the craziness you will feel when you first quit smoking. Make a list of things you can do to replace smoking and then follow your list. There is an old saying that you should “fake it til you make it.” The things on your list may not feel natural at first — but when done regularly they will become a habit.

Plan A Life That Keeps You Away From Tobacco Urgings

Don’t go places where you know lots of people will be smoking. Some successful quitters even steered clear of the places they used to buy their cigarettes until they had a good grip on a tobacco free lifestyle.

Don’t spend a lot of time with friends or family members who smoke. Don’t allow anyone to smoke in your house or apartment. Try eating in only smoke-free restaurants or even switch to eliquid. Avoid lounges and casinos where smoking is allowed.

Go for a walk after a meal since that was probably one of your favorite times to smoke.

You certainly understand that tobacco use is a life and death matter. Millions of people have made the decision to quit smoking and have stuck with it. If they did it, you can do it, too. Yes, it’s a big commitment — but when you successfully kick the tobacco habit it will be well worth it. !